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Applications for hydraulic and electrical umbilicals for topside and subsea operations. With these, we can provide any combination of hydraulic hoses, chemical injection hoses, water hoses, power cables, signal cables, fiberoptic cables and strength members. Umbilical ranges up to 2500 meters.

Umbilicals and hose bundles

  • BOP control umbilical
  • Umbilical for interventions or workover systems
  • Wellhead control umbilicals
  • Hose bundle for special services and applications
  • Pipe bundles and multitubes
  • Integration of umbilical, winch and couplers
  • Clamps, sheaves and baskets

Subsea cables and connectors

  • Rubber and polyurethane moulded series
  • Penetrators
  • Underwater mateable connectors
  • EXD splash zone connectors
  • Subsea cables and umbilicals
  • ROV connectors and cables

Topside service loops

  • Flexible hydraulic service loops
  • Electrical power loops
  • Instrument loops EXE and EXI
  • Flexible control lines
  • Moulding terminations and commissioning

High pressure hoses

  • Thermoplastic hoses up to 2500 bar WP
  • Factory standard hoses, 210 to 345 bar WP
  • Long lengths for subsea applications

Hose fittings and couplers

  • Quick connectors and MQC plate arrangements
  • ROV stab connectors
  • Hose end fittings and stab connectors

Test and commissioning

  • Testing of hydraulic and electrical lines
  • Factory acceptance test and system commissioning
  • Fluid hydraulic lines tested for cleanliness

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